Rolls Joys FAQ

A: Let’s be honest. Do you really think people can get you what you really want/need with other registry sites? Probably not… (let’s be realistic!) With, you can list something you really want regardless of the price~ (price is too high? No worries, it’s coming from your friends & families, not just by one person. This is a GAME CHANGER)

A. Anyone at Anytime! This could be for your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day or any Big Celebrations (like Wedding, Child’s 1 st birthday, Anniversary, and etc.).

A. NOPE! All we ask is very basic information to register. (no credit card info, no other personal information will be stored)

A. Unfortunately there is no way we can control the cost of the product. Thus, if the price changes (higher/lower), we will automatically convert the Total achieved $amount into the Money Transfer. (via Zelle)

A. Sometimes, the original URL doesn’t support the proper information into our system. If the price doesn’t come up automatically, you can manually input the $ (PRICE) into the blank box to start the event.

A. We really hope so. However, unfortunately not all sites are open to get in connected for the service. We will continuously work on to explore more major sites for the service. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A. The final price on the event is Actual price + Tax & transaction fees.

A. We only charge 3.8% of platform/transaction fee (both for the product & money transfer)

A. Sorry, All Transactions and purchases made on the site is final and ROLLS JOYS offers no return and exchange unless it can be clearly shown that the product shipped is defected.

A. Sorry, once you post the item, it is all set. If you need to change the item, you must close the previous (existing) event and create a new one. (You can have achieved $ amount transferred to your bank via Zelle for the previous event when you close it of course)

A. Yes, you can. You can select the “Private” Button when you create the event, then it will be hidden to public. (only your friends/families can see it)

A. You have Two options to choose. (1) Extend the Event Period or (2) You can Close the Event & Select Cash Transfer (via Zelle) for what you have (Nice~right?)

A. You have Two options to choose (1) You can get the Item + Money transfer (via Zelle) for the remaining balance or (2) You can choose Money transfer for entire amount (via Zelle)

A. You can register as many items as you like. (you can create multiple lists at the same time)

A. When you distribute money for the gift, you have two options to choose from. (1) Show your Name & Amount (2) Show your Name Only (no $ showing)

A. The Graph will show you not only the Total Goal $, but also show you the Total achieved $ and remaining balance.

A. No.. Membership is absolutely Free for anyone. However, you need to sign-in first to make any transaction. (very simple registration process)

A. Major Credit Card (Secured by Stripe)

A. You can email us

3700 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA USA
+1 2345678901

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