It is your Special day, don’t you want to get something you really want? If so, we can help you!!
Create a Registry


You can register any specific item from website
or set up cash goal- whatever you want.
(yes! We mean what you really want)


Sometimes you are too stressed about finding the perfect gift or receiving lots of unwanted gifts.
Some people don’t like current gift registries as they allowed only small items.

If you are experiencing the same problem, Rolls Joys is here to help you deal with these crises.
We try to make gift exchanging easier and hassle-free so you can enjoy the important occasions of your life.

All you have to do is to register an item from an online store you like and share the link to your friends & families.
With our flawless online system, you can enjoy the gift exchanging experience without any concern.


1. Click, hold and drag the "Bookmark ROLLSJOYS" button to your top bookmark bar.
2. "ADD TO ROLLSJOYS" will appear on your bookmark bar.
3. Visit the product page you would like to add to your list, and click "ADD TO ROLLSJOYS" button.
5. Log in to your account and go to "Unpublished List" and you will be able to see the item you added.
6. Fill out the informations and click "Create Event".
7. You will be able to see your new event or on-going event in "Progress List" page.
8. Once the product reaches the goal amount or passes the due date, you will be able to see the product in "Completed Event List".
9. If you click the product it will take you to that product's detail and you will be able to finish or extend due date.

Supported websites!


All Wedding Birthday Events Others


We can help! Get answers ASAP with our FAQs below or shoot our customer
service team a note anytime at

Q. What if the Total Raised Amount is Less than the Goal (price of the item)?

A. Once you close the project (event), total raised amount will be transferred to your bank directly. (fees will be applied)

Q. What if the total Raised Amount is Greater than the Goal (price of the item)?

A. Once you close the project (event), your item will be purchased and shipped to your designated address. Also any remaining amount (Total Raised $ - Goal (price)) will be transferred to your bank directly (fees will be applied).

Q. What if my registered item reach out to the Goal too fast, no more gift?

A. You can register as many items as you like. (each item/event will have its own link to share) If your registered item gets to the goal, you can always register additional items.

Q. How do you transfer Cash (money) directly to my bank?

A. Our system uses “Zelle” for money transfer. (it is absolutely your responsibility/liability to provide us a correct account information)

Q. Is there any time limit for each project (event)?

A. Each project (event) can have up to six (6) months for running. (and an additional 6 months for extension if needed)

Q. Why is the Total Goal $ Amount is different than an Actual Item Price/cost?

A. It’s for your own convenience. The Total Goal $ Amount is an auto-generated amount included all fees/taxes & operational cost. This means when you close your project (event) successfully, you don’t need to pay anything at all!

Q. I created a project (event) with the laptop for my special day. What do I need to pay after closing the event?

A. Most likely Nothing. If project (event) closes successfully, you pay nothing. (everything should be pre-calculated & included while you are receiving contribution) If project (even) fails to reach the goal (or if you like to get money transfer), money transferring fee (5% of total raised) will be deducted from the total amount. (either way, you are not paying anything out of your pocket) ation.

Q. Would my name be showing to the gift receiver along with my $ amount distributed?

A. When you distribute money for the gift, you have two options to choose from. (1) Show your Name & Amount (2) Show your Name Only Also, after your contribution, you can generate a “Certificate of gift” to print/download.

Q. Ok,we know how much the item costs by looking at the post, but how do we know how much money has been distributed & remaining balance for it?

A. The Graph will show you not only the Total Goal $, but also show you the Total raised$ and remaining balance.

Q. Do I need to pay anything as a member to post an item, or just to distribute the money for it?

A. No.. Membership is absolutely Free for anyone. However, you need to sign-in first to make any transaction. (very simple registration process: Name, Birthday, Email)

Q. Can I hide my project (event) so that it can only be visible to someone I share the link to?

A. Yes, you can list your project (event) open to public or set up as a private.

Q. What is the method of payment for the distribution?

A. Credit Card only

Q. What is your return policy?

A. All Transactions and purchases made on the site is final and ROLLS JOYS offers no return and exchange unless it can be clearly shown that the product shipped is defected. You can refer to the Return Policy for further inform


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